We know, we know. You want products that are unique. That’s why we created Apollo Surprise Box. A monthly subscription of unique products individually crafted with you in mind. Each box is personalized with all types of one-of-a-kind goodies. From DIY to skincare to home decor. With your help, we make sure each box reflects your interests and style. Trust us, you won’t find a subscription box like this one!

How does it work?

First, you tell us about yourself. What interests you? What are your style preferences? Who are you shopping for? Once we know more about you we take a look at which products you’ve viewed and liked on Apollo Box. Then, we use Collaborative Filtering. This is when we determine which products have the highest ratings, so we can be sure your Apollo Surprise Boxes are filled with products people love.

Our AI recommendation system generates dozens of potential box picks for you. But we rely on more than human intelligence. Our curation team looks at your profile, along with our high ranking products, to make the final decision on your items.

You’ll receive your curated boxes depending on the delivery plan you choose. We offer monthly or quarterly options. Once you decide on a plan and delivery date, you simply fill out your payment information and wait for your products to arrive.